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  • Product name: NEW generation High Precision SE20 Spring Metric Collet Similar as SK collet
  • Product number: SE16 SE20 SE25 SE32
  • Shelf time: 2014-10-24
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Advantage of SE collet:  High repeat positioning accuracy. So there are these conveniences when you use them.  

1.It reduces the time of testing runout tolerance after you change the cutting tools

2.The cutting tools can be used for a long time—because the high precision of the collet, When using multi-flute cutting tools, each flute can be used effectively  

3.High surface finish of the workpiece


SE collets , we have 4 different clamping Nuts for them. The normal clamping nuts with Dynamic Balance can reach 25000rpm. Tool holder With round clamping nut can reach 30000rpm. So SE collet with our good quality tool holder can be used at high speed CNC machines.



SE Collet, we have these dimensions. Most of them are Metric Dimensions(mm), except--1/8" inch.

SE16 SE20 SE25 SE32
SE16-2.00 SE20-2.00 SE25-2.00 SE32-2.00
SE16-2.50 SE20-2.50 SE25-2.50 SE32-2.50
SE16-3.00 SE20-3.00 SE25-3.00 SE32-3.00
SE16-1/8" SE20-1/8" SE25-1/8" SE32-1/8"
SE16-3.50 SE20-3.50 SE25-3.50 SE32-3.50
SE16-4.00 SE20-4.00 SE25-4.00 SE32-4.00
SE16-4.50 SE20-4.50 SE25-4.50 SE32-4.50
SE16-5.00 SE20-5.00 SE25-5.00 SE32-5.00
SE16-5.50 SE20-5.50 SE25-5.50 SE32-5.50
SE16-6.00 SE20-6.00 SE25-6.00 SE32-6.00
SE16-6.50 SE20-6.50 SE25-6.50 SE32-6.50
SE16-7.00 SE20-7.00 SE25-7.00 SE32-7.00
SE16-7.50 SE20-7.50 SE25-7.50 SE32-7.50
SE16-8.00 SE20-8.00 SE25-8.00 SE32-8.00
SE16-8.50 SE20-8.50 SE25-8.50 SE32-8.50
SE16-9.00 SE20-9.00 SE25-9.00 SE32-9.00
SE16-9.50 SE20-9.50 SE25-9.50 SE32-9.50
SE16-10.00 SE20-10.00 SE25-10.00 SE32-10.00
  SE20-10.50 SE25-10.50 SE32-10.50
  SE20-11.00 SE25-11.00 SE32-11.00
  SE20-11.50 SE25-11.50 SE32-11.50
  SE20-12.00 SE25-12.00 SE32-12.00
    SE25-12.50 SE32-12.50
    SE25-13.00 SE32-13.00
    SE25-13.50 SE32-13.50
    SE25-14.00 SE32-14.00
    SE25-14.50 SE32-14.50
    SE25-15.00 SE32-15.00
    SE25-15.50 SE32-15.50
    SE25-16.00 SE32-16.00

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