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Company profile

DongGuan YASAM Cutting tools focus on the R&D, production and distribution of CNC Cutting tools and the spare parts. 
Our main products are NEW design SE collet, milling tool holder, milling cutter, tungsten end mill, turning tool holder, carbide inserts, torx screws for cutting tools, packaging box for cutting tools and some other spare parts. YASAM proudly offer torx screws for cutting tools and they are the best quality in China. We have more than 200 different kind of torx screws(only for cutting tools) and many of them are more than 10000pcs in stock. We can send them ASAP after got the order.
YASAM have the most advanced CNC manufacturing machines and technology from Germany, using the highest quality materials to manufacture the highest quality products. To serve our end customers more conveniently, YASAM have more than 50 offices and agents in different cities of China. And these continues to grow…… Our salesman get the newest feedback about our tools from end customers. And Our professional engineer team can continuously improve the tools. We also cooperate with University to offer new products.
What we do is to ensure the excellence of our products in each process of production to fully meet customers' rigorous requirements.